Nepal Missions Trip Prayer Requests

Man’s prayer requests for the Nepal missions trip on June 14–23:

  1. Pray for our love for the people in Nepal. May God use us to bring His love and the Gospel message to the people of Nepal.
  2. Pray for our harmony and unity. No matter how well we have tried to prepare for the STM, things will definitely come up that may not be the way that we have planned or expected. Pray that we are willing to be flexible and to listen to our leaders.
  3. Pray for our safely for our entire STM trip in Nepal. Pray that God will protect us from any dangers and harm.
  4. Pray that our luggage will safely arrive in KTM with us.
  5. Pray that the people we are going to meet are willing to open their heart to accept the Lord.
  6. Pray for our visits at the Leprosy Colony, and may God use our sharing and message to be the blessings to the people.
  7. Pray for our VBS and youth outreach in KTM. Pray that the things we have prepared for the ministry, including skits, messages, singspirations, games, and sharing of our testimonies, will be well received in Nepal.
  8. Pray for our spiritual life in preparing for the STM.
  9. Pray that the Lord will be with us and bless us for the entire trip in Nepal.
  10. Pray for the health of everyone going on the trip and everyone in the city and the villages we will be visiting.
Nepal Missions Trip Prayer Requests