Christian Formation

Sunday School is now called Christian Formation. There are two Christian Formation classes offered this Winter 2024 quarter (Jan.-Apr.).
  • “Tactics in Defending the Faith”Fellowship Hall, 10:45am-11:45am – Through lecture and role playing, students will be introduced to ways to share your Christian views without “preaching”, to identity flaws in thinking, to defend your views without being defensive, and to build bridges instead of trying to win arguments. This helps you to close the gap between head-knowledge and being an effective ambassador for Christ.
  • “Exodus:  Freed to Worship”Room 2008, 10:45am-11:45am – Just when things are at their worst, then believers have the cause for greatest hope. In Exodus, we’ll see how God came through for His chosen people and how He can come through for us today. We’ll learn that only in the presence of God can we fully experience His provision, protection, and power. Together, let’s learn to hope and trust in God’s perfect plan.