Theological Positions

Church Building
The purpose of the church is to worship the true God, spread the Gospel, nurture disciples, and foster mutual help among Christians. We must make our best effort to preserve this pure purpose, and to prevent any other purpose or attempts from adulterating this purpose. Thus, please read the “Doing Business in Church and Christian Community” section of the CBCSD Theological Positions Papers (please see link below), and keep the following guidelines in order to maintain the church’s pure purpose and unity:
  • Brothers and sisters cannot conduct business activities during church activities and in church venues (including “Happiness Groups”) or using any church’s resources (e.g., church directories, email groups, social networks, and information exchange platforms, such as WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, etc.).
  • When someone uses a church platform to conduct such activities, brothers and sisters should remind each other, and notify the pastor for further action when necessary.
CBCSD Theological Position PapersCBCSD Theological Position Papers (updated May 2018)
Theological Positions