“Networking the Kingdom Way”

Networking the Kingdom Way
Crossroads Fellowship has planned a special event over Zoom called “Networking the Kingdom Way – and What’s Stopping You” for Friday, Oct. 23, 7:30pm-9:30pm. The speaker is Chao You, who works as a life coach. Please contact Bowen Ouyang () if you have any questions.
Here is an excerpt from Chao’s website regarding this topic:
I figured out many things along the way. Now I am here to help, so that your 20s could be a little easier than mine, with a bit more clarity, strategy and a lot less anxiety. I get transitions. I get new in town. I get being confused, uncertain and alone. I get nobody gets you. I get impossible to make a good decision. And I get how hard it is to live up to who you are at the core, while still operating at full speed checking off challenging goals.
I specialize in adult development through managing life and career transitions and achieving desired change. My method focuses on discovering and developing your core identity first and foremost, and do everything else according to it. I believe in creating a safe space with support and challenge to help uncover your untapped potential and bring it to the full.
“Networking the Kingdom Way”