Church Reopening Update

Safe Reopening - SD County
  1. As more people are getting vaccinated and the government has gradually eased the restrictions for gatherings, the church has decided to resume physical gatherings in a gradual manner. Task forces are being formed to plan for the church reopening for all campuses and congregations.
  2. The Church Office is now accepting reservations for small groups and fellowships to meet in person (indoors) at Main Campus and outdoors in the 12345 parking lot. Please note that for indoor meetings, the rooms will not be able to accommodate their normal full occupancy due to social distancing requirements, and, therefore, the reservations will only be temporary. Please check the links below for in-person meeting guidelines for indoor and outdoor meetings. For current room occupancy limits, inquiries, and reservations, please contact the Church Office (, 858-675-8777).
    ↪  Indoor meeting guidelines
    ↪  Outdoor meeting guidelines
Church Reopening Update