Online Seminar at PTS

Pacific Theological Seminary (PTS)
Pacific Theological Seminary (PTS) will host a free online seminar, “Spirituality and the Mental Health Impact of COVID-19.” The speaker is Dr. Everett Worthington. Please register using the link below.
Friday, Oct. 15, 6:30pm
“Finding Wholeness in a Fragmented Age”
Facilitator:  Dr. Ben Lim
Saturday, Oct. 16, 9:00am
“Forgiveness as Glue to Reshape Fragmented Connections”
Facilitator:  Dr. Minoa Chang
Saturday, Oct. 16, 10:30am
“Vision of Wholeness:  Humility, Hope, and Redemption”
Facilitator:  Dr. John Lillis
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Online Seminar at PTS