World Vision Global 6K for Water

World Vision Global 6K for Water
What:  This is a 6K walk to raise money for World Vision’s Water Fund. 6K is about the distance an average person in these areas walks to find water. The water fund hopes to work with local communities to build sustainable water sources.
When:  May 21, 9:00am
Where:  PQ Canyon Trailhead – Los Penasquitos Canyon Trail, San Diego, CA 92129
Event Info:  Ezra Fu ()
Registration Fee:  $50
Registration Info:  Comes with a T-shirt
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If you’re not able to join us for the 6K walk, you can still support Team CBCSD by making a donation using the same link above (click on the “Support Us” button). Our goal is to raise $10,000.
World Vision Global 6K for Water