Building 2 Parking Lot

12345 Parking Lot
Please note the following changes regarding the Building 2 parking lot:
  • There are now two handicap parking spaces by the main entrance
  • Please do not park in the spot directly in front of the main entrance, as it’ll block the ramp. That space is for loading only.
  • Please follow the yellow traffic pattern arrows on the ground of the parking lot on Fridays, Sundays, and special events.
Furthermore, the parking lot loop will not be blocked on Sundays anymore. This means you can now drive from the West lot to the East lot, where there are 20+ parking spaces. Please keep in mind the following:
  • Please do not walk through the garage to enter the building between 8:30am and noon on Sundays.
  • People who have Sunday door access codes are encourage to park on the East lot, as you can enter the building via the East entrance without having to walk around to the main entrance.
  • We’d also like to remind everyone to slow down while driving in the parking lot (speed limit is 15mph), and when you enter the West lot, please immediately turn right.
Building 2 Parking Lot