Nepal STM

Map of Nepal
The Nepal STM team will be going to Nepal on Oct. 22. We will be bringing some supplies and other items for the national ministry workers. Some of the items asked for are:
  • Laptops (used/good condition okay, must hold charge, American plugs okay)
  • iPhones 10 or newer, 128GB-256GB, unlocked (used/renewed are great, must be unlocked, must have SIM card slot, with charger)
  • iPads 128GB-256GB 2017 or newer (used/renewed is okay, with charger)
  • Portable phone charger/power bank for cell phone
If you have these items and are willing to donate them, please clear all personal information and locked codes, and bring them to the church office during church office hours (Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm) before Monday, Oct. 16.
Nepal STM