Fullness in Christ Fellowship (FiCF)

Fullness in Christ Fellowship
Fullness in Christ Fellowship (FiCF) has launched a “Walk Alongside Them” walkathon throughout the month of November. This is to raise awareness against human trafficking, and to support the Pleroma Ministry in Cambodia for the Girls’ Home and Women’s Home.
During November, you can form groups to take casual walks, go hiking with your fellowship, stroll with your family within your neighborhood, and share stories of Cambodian girls, raising awareness against human trafficking. Please take and post pictures of your walks for the girls and women in Cambodia to see and feel the support from around the world.
If you’re willing to go further, consider fundraising from your friends and families to support your walks and raise money for Cambodian women and girls.
For details and instructions, please scan the QR code to visit the FiCF website and register. If you have any questions, please contact Jane Lee ().
Fullness in Christ Fellowship (FiCF) - "Walk Alongside Them" Walkathon
Fullness in Christ Fellowship (FiCF)