Apologetics refers to an area of Christian theology that engages in a rational, evidential defense of the Christian world view. The origin of the word comes from the Greek, apologia, meaning to make a reasoned defense.
Christian Apologetics

It is the aim of Lord’s Grace and the Chinese Bible Church of San Diego to equip its members to defend their beliefs with truth and grace in accordance with 1 Peter 3:15.



APCON is the Christian apologetics conference at the Chinese Bible Church of San Diego. It is organized by Lord’s Grace.

Most Recent Event
Friday, Oct. 27, 7:30pm
Main Sanctuary (Building 1)
Topic:  “TRANSGENDERISM:  Truth and Compassion”
Speaker:  Alan Shlemon (Stand to Reason)
APCON 2023 video recordingVideo recording for “Transgenderism:  Truth and Compassion”
APCON 2023 HandoutHandout for “Transgenderism:  Truth and Compassion”
Previous APCON Presentations
Here is information on some of our previous APCON presentations.
William Soo Hoo, Ryan Pauly, Eddie Colanter
“Apologetics Talks:  The Engaging Christian” (science & faith, culture & faith, reason & faith)
Alan Shlemon
“Making Abortion Unthinkable”
Dr. Bill Tam
“Disproving Evolution”
Dr. Bill Tam
“Facing the Giants:  Same-Sex Marriage and Marijuana”
Gary Zacharias
“The SOUL:  An Argument for Its Existence”
Greg Koukl
“Evil, Suffering, and the Goodness of God”
Dr. Fazale Rana
“Who Was Adam?”
Alan Shlemon
“Homosexuality:  Truth and Compassion”
Casey Luskin
(Not available)

Articles & Videos

Apologetics-related articles (written by William Soo Hoo of Lord’s Grace) and other resources:
Video IconAn Evening on Mars Hill:  “An Origins Conversation” | William Soo Hoo (posted Mar. 24, 2020)
Video IconThe Origin of Life:  Abiogenesis. No Time, No Chance, No Way! | William Soo Hoo (posted Mar. 17, 2020)
PDF IconOn the Physical Death of Jesus Christ  |  William D. Edwards, Wesley J. Gabel, Floyd E. Hosmer (posted Apr. 24, 2019)
Video IconDid the Disciples Die for Their Belief in the Risen Jesus?  |  Sean McDowell (posted Apr. 22, 2019)
PDF IconThe Resurrection of Jesus:  The Minimal Facts Approach (posted Apr. 22, 2019)
PDF IconA New Age Balancing Act (posted Apr. 18, 2019)
PDF IconA Rock So Big… (posted Apr. 18, 2019)
PDF IconAdapting to Evolution (posted Apr. 18, 2019)
PDF IconThe Big Picture:  Worldviews and the Case for Christianity (posted Apr. 16, 2019)
PDF IconNo Bout-a-Doubt-It…The Usefulness of Doubt (posted Apr. 26, 2017)